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Bring home a Solid Bottom Round Pen this year with our in-house financing option.

There is ☑️ No Credit Check and ☑️ No Application, instead we do our best to work with you to bring The Cowboy Country Club home. 


Qualifying Product: 60' Solid Bottom Round Pen with 5'x10' Ride Through Entrance Gate

Requirements: $975 down and $189.89 per month for 48 months

Delivery: $500 delivery or pick up from shop at no cost


How does it work?

1. Call Steve at (952) 232-7115. He will answer any questions you may have and collect your information for the order. We can accept cash, check, Paypal, and all major credit cards for the $975 deposit.

2. You will receive a credit agreement in the mail that will need to be filled out and mailed back. On this agreement you will be asked to note what day of the month you would like your payments due and how you would like to pay (check, PayPal, credit card). 

3. Once we have received the completed agreement back your round pen order will be added to the que. 

4. When the round pen is completed we will contact you to arrange delivery. The $500 delivery fee is due before we ship out your round pen. Along with round pen you will receive your own copy of the signed contract with the dates of the first and last payments due.

5. The first payment is due on the day of your choice, the month following delivery. Example, if you receive your round pen on July 5th, and chose the 15th for payment, your first payment would be due August 15. 


Unfortunately we cannot offer financing in Alaska, California, Florida, Hawaii, or on American Indian reservations at this time.  Great Oak Equine retains the right to refuse financing for any reason.