About Us

Great Oak Equine is a horse driven company – that means that all of our energy goes into what is best for your horses, what will last, what is safe and what will work best for you as a horse owner.

Great Oak Equine became a business out of a simple idea and a need. We needed a quality round pen that was portable; later, stalls that fit our horses and lifestyle; fencing that would last and much more.

What you will see in our products are designs that borrow classic concepts from all parts of the world and traditional American Western concepts that have worked for hundreds of years.

When you order from Great Oak Equine, you’re buying a piece of artwork for your farm that will last for generations – it’s part of the legacy you’re building for the next generations.

Great Oak Equine products are unique because we design and build everything here in our shop in Minnesota. We use quality northern white oak lumber, we build the hardware in our blacksmith shop, and we build every order to suit the needs of our customers.

If your horse connection is your business or your pleasure, we know how important it is to have the right equipment. Our products are meant to help you enjoy the lifestyle you’ve chosen with your horses. We design equipment that’s safe and comfortable for them, attractive and long-lasting for you.