About Us

Great Oak Equine is a horse driven company – that means that all of our energy goes into what is best for your horses, what will last, what is safe and what will work best for you as a horse owner.

Great Oak Equine became a business out of a simple idea and a need. We needed a quality round pen that was portable; later, stalls that fit our horses and lifestyle; fencing that would last and much more.

What you will see in our products are designs that borrow classic concepts from all parts of the world and traditional American Western concepts that have worked for hundreds of years.

When you order from Great Oak Equine, you’re buying a piece of artwork for your farm that will last for generations – it’s part of the legacy you’re building for the next generations.


Is shipping included in the product price?
Shipping is included in round pen pricing ONLY. For all other products, we’ll quote the delivery cost based on the size of your order. We work very hard to find the most efficient, cost-effective delivery method available. If you’d rather come to our shop to pick up your order, we’ll be glad to load it for you.

How do I place an order? 
Call us. We’ll have lots of questions to ask about your order so if you call us, we can get the details right the first time. 

When my order arrives, am I responsible for unloading it?
Yes. We’ll discuss the details when we call to confirm a delivery date so please plan ahead to have the equipment or brawny friends ready to unload. 

What are the payment terms?
We ask for a deposit of 50% of the product cost when you place the order. The remaining 50% plus sales tax and delivery fee is due when you receive your order. We enjoy cash and accept checks and credit cards for payment. 

*Financing is available for our products. Please call us for more information.*
We are a small company and are able to offer personalized service to our customers. And because we are a small company, we may be running behind schedule. Please plan ahead when ordering if we need to meet a deadline.

While you’re waiting for your order to arrive, think about the care and attention we’re giving each detail of your customized product and how much you’ll enjoy using it for years to come. 
We appreciate your business and look forward to providing products that help you enjoy the time you spend with your horse.