Our customers like white oak fencing because it has a rustic, natural appearance, is sturdy enough to use for cattle or horses, is safe for pets and kids, will last for many years without deteriorating and is low maintenance.

Traditional post and rail fencing prices include 1x6x8′ oak rails, 4x4x8′ oak posts and screws.

Panel prices include 8′ long panels with hardware attached and 4x4x8′ oak posts to be placed every 24 feet.


Traditional Rail Fence

Prices for rail fence include 1″x6″x8′ rails, 4″x4″x8′ posts, and screws. For orders of 500 feet or more, shipping is included.

4-rail fencing $13.85 per running foot
3-rail fencing $12.95 per running foot
2-rail fencing $11.65 per running foot
RB fence side
paddock fencing

Panel Fencing

Panels are 8′ long with hardware attached so fewer posts are needed and you can have a 16′ opening anywhere on the fence line. Place a 4x4x8′ post every 24 feet. The price includes panels, hardware and posts.

4′ tall panels       $24.95 per running foot
5′ tall panels       $30.65 per running foot
6′ tall panels       $35.75 per running foot


Missouri fencing
MN fencing 2

Fence Gate Price List

(hardware, hinges & latches included)

  4-rail 3-rail
5′ single gate $275 $250
6′ single gate $295 $265
8′ split gate (two 4′ gates) $525 $495
10′ split gate (two 5′ gates) $595 $565
12′ split gate (two 6′ gates) $725 $695




BA fence gate
oak gate (1)