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Hitching Rail

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If you're looking for a rustic hitching rail that will still be solid for the grandkids, look no further. Made with 4x4 white oak posts and braces from our welding shop, this baby is epitome of sturdy. Consider adding a hitching rail to your round pen or arena order.


Ordering Information

When placing an order through the website the system only allows payment in full. If you would prefer to pay 50% now, and 50% at the time of shipping you may do so by calling Steve at (952) 232-7115 and placing your order over the phone. We can accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and checks.

Shipping is one of the biggest obstacles with hitching rails. They weigh close to 200lbs and are 7’ long which limits the availability of shipping options. We realize that the $500/$950 shipping cost feels nonsensical, but options are limited. They are a great addition to your larger order and local customers are always welcome to pick up from our shop as well.

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